Is your yard bare?

Do you have a plain, dull, flat 2 dimensional yard? 
Could it use some definition, mood lighting, excitement or a WOW factor?
Insert the third dimension!

Your Perfect Pergola Awaits!!!

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We believe that your perfect pergola is exactly that, Your Perfect Pergola!
We know that there is no one size fits all to outdoor structures. We know that everyone has unique styles and tastes. Some need shade, others want an interesting focal piece.
Some want large and in charge and some want cozy and quaint.
We will design and build your perfect pergola from scratch to fit your desire.
Or you can choose from some of our standard designs.

We Guarantee Quality Craftmanship!

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For Your Perfect Pergola we believe in the ol' "keep it simple stupid" adage. We blend a construction method with a style, tweak the elements to taste and voila! 

Construction Methods

timber frame

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Timber Framing is a more craftsman style of build. These typically use heavier timbers and incorporate wood to wood joinery. We use a combination of dovetail joinery and mortise and tenon connections. 

Traditional Frame

traditional jpg

Traditional frame pergolas are typically a smaller gauge option. These use more mechanical fasteners which may be accented by decorative hardware. These fit nicely in smaller areas and can be installed on existing decks.  

Different STyles


The models above are examples of conventional style pergolas.
These pergolas have tips that overhang the main structure. We have multiple options to choose from for the exposed tips to truly fit Your Perfect Pergola.


Modern Timber jpg

Modern Style Pergolas have a more linear, enclosed design element.
The use of knee braces can be included or excluded to taste.

Don't Delay!!

This is southern Alberta after all and the seasons are constantly fleeting. Quality is in high demand and as summer approaches longer wait times will ensue. 
We are booking quickly so touch base with us now to get started on
Your Perfect Pergola. 

To ensure that you indeed get Your Perfect Pergola please fill out the form below.
We will review and customize our response to you personally. Once we have your information we will reach out and set up an on site meeting where we can discuss all the options like sizing, design and details with you in person.